Surf weekends for those wanting to improve their surfing.

This weekend is ran by pro surfer Richie Fitzgerald and is for surfers who want to take their surfing to the next level. If you want to learn the following or work on something specific, Richie and our instructors are experienced and qualified to show you the correct way of achieving your surfing goals. You MUST be able to pop up and ride the white water to shore.


  • Improve your timing, paddling and takeoff
  • Perfect your stance, balance and basic technique
  • Learn how to turn
  • Surf frontside and backside
  • Increase your wave count and develop your wave selection
  • Learn/perfect your duckdive

Our improver/intermediate weekends aim to build on your strengths, improve your skills and all round surfing technique. Why not test drive one of our many demo boards to find the type of board that suits you best.


2014 Dates

  • 5th - 6th July
  • 26th - 27th July
  • 16th - 17th August
  • If none of these dates suit and you have 4 or more people, just let us know and we'll put on a surf weekend specifically for you.