Outerknown release party

From Surfermag.com  

This is the difference between Kelly Slater and the rest of the surf world. When Noa Deane and Creed McTaggart eventually drift away from their sponsors to start their own line of tattered baseball tees and black hightops, their release party will be attended by the Metal Neck crew, Al Knost, breathtakingly thin girls slathered in eyeliner, and, of course, Chris Cote.

When Slater hosts an Outerknown Party, legitimate Hollywood A-Listers emerge from the Malibu woodwork, perfect families in tow. This past weekend, at a charming, tree-studded Malibu beach mansion/Ewok village, Slater celebrated Outerknown’s entrance into the gold-gilded sustainable clothing line alongside the likes of Julia Roberts, Gerard Butler, Cindy Crawford (!), Jason Statham, and Thor. There were artisanal marshmallows. There was surfboard valet.

I don’t like the idea of Jason Statham eating artisanal marshmallows. I really don’t.

Say what you will about expensive surf threads, but that’s a party that most of us would fall all over ourselves to attend. What, you don’t think the Jester King of rebel surf culture himself, Miki Dora, would have breezed in to dine on woodfired pizzas, and guzzled a few preciously shaken cocktails?

It also shows that the gravitational pull of one Robert Kelly Slater is still strong enough to swing giants of surf and landlubber culture right into a nice, cozy orbit.

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