Bodyboarder has near miss with seal !!!!!!!!!

Water Safety

"As he climbed up the rocks a seal lunged out of the water at him"

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 September, 2015 - Bodyboarder Aaron Israel was surfing Salmon Beach in Western Australia when two seals harassed him, forcing him out of the water. And just how does a seal harass someone to the point he must end his session?

"I kept thinking the seals were playing but next thing I know he's nudged my leg and I thought it's time to get out of here,” Israel told ABC Net Australia. "Then I got a nibble on the flipper and I high tailed it out of there."

Israel headed for the nearest section of land - a dangerous and rocky patch - and scampered up the boulders.

Witnesses who saw Israel say that as he climbed up the rocks a seal lunged out of the water at him.

"Normally they play with you out there but when one nudged me I thought 'This isn't a game anymore’,” he told ABC adding that just before his session he boasted that Salmon Beach had never been closed due to a shark sighting.

"Next thing I know I getting chased out of the water by a bloody seal".

The type of seal involved in the aggressive display has not been identified.

Seals biting surfers are rarely reported. But it does happen. One of the more famous incidents involved Ian Glover of Marin California who suffered seal bites to his buttocks while giving a surfing lesson at Stinson Beach. He required several stitches and an antibiotic treatment.