C-Skins Session 6mm Split Toe Boots 2016 (CSBOSEST) - BLACK/YELLOW

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The Session Boot is a warm, streamlined and lightweight no nonsense winter boot. The Asymmestric Strapless Support System elminates the need for arch straps which keep the boot snug to your feet. The 100% Glued & Blindstitched construction plus the  Neo Taped lined internal seams mean this boot will keep your feet warmer than ever.

Neo Taped Seams

C-Skins Neo Tape is a 0.5mm thick waterproof neoprene tape which is glued and pressure bonded onto the internal seams of the Session Boot. This taping adds strength and increases the water tightness function of the Glued & Blindstitched seam.

Asymmetric Strapless Support System

The Asymmetric Strapless Support System uses a carefully laid-up arrangement of rubber reinforcement that wraps around the foots bridge and arch. This system eliminates the need for an arch strap and keeps the boot snug around the foot which means reduced ‘ballooning’ and ‘rolling’ of the boot. These unique features make the Session range of boots the best strapless boots on the market.

Glued & Blindstitched Seams

A fully sealed, watertight seam construction that keeps water out. The panels are first glued and then press together, followed by a stitch that doesn’t penetrate all the way through the neoprene. Glued and Blindstitched, also known as GBS.

Easy-On Heel Pull Loop

Easy-On Pull Loop gives a secure, durable and dry means of pulling your boots on.

Split Toe Leash Guard

The Split Toe Leash Guard prevents the leash getting in between your toes, as well as allowing the split toe to remain separate from the rest of the foot which ultimately is best for freedom and balance.