Fourth Charge 6'6

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Price €585
Length 6'4
Width 18 1/2"
Thickness 2 3/8"
Volume/Ltrs 29.6
Fin System Futures 3 Fin
Fin Box Colour Standard
Carbon as Standard No
Fins 3 x F6
Colour Clear



Wanna get your nuts out and surf some man waves? Take the drop, hold your line and use your rail, this board makes it all possible if you’ve got the minerals!



The Charge is exactly what it says on the tin. This is the board you go to when the waves are big and heavy. This model has been designed with big wave lover Tom Butler and when it comes to the heavy stuff he knows his apples. Tom Butler has really helped by getting first hand experience in a variety of different big waves around the world. From Aileens in Ireland to Sunset Beach in Hawaii, Tom, has developed a great understanding of what he needs when it comes to the ultimate step-up. For extra paddle power, speed and control this is the board you are looking for, great on the open face for big man hacks and cutbacks and super smooth in the barrel, the Charge will hopefully get you into the best wave of your life. Whether it’s on a boat trip in Indo or just the best day of the year at your local get amongst it on the Charge!



Well the Charge is an important board for our team guys. They all use it when it gets a bit bigger. Tom Butler has worked very closely on making sure we are offering the perfect step up board. The outline of the board is very sleek with a drawn-out nose template which is slightly wider than normal to help with paddling moving through and down to a pulled-in round pin tail. The wide point is dropped back to help control off the tail when doing turns and the tail thickness has been lessened to keep the fins close to the water when standing further up the board to gain speed. Being in control of your big wave board in critical situations is one of the most important aspects of the design. The rocker is drawn out and fairly high to deal with the speed you gather when travelling down the face of a big wave if you cant bottom turn your big wave board then you’re in trouble! The concave is a slight single thorough out with double to vee through the fins. This provides great planing and paddle speed at the same time as control on rail. The deck is loaded with the rail brought right down which enables big turns and and easy manoeuvrability, an essential when travelling at high speeds on big waves. The extra foam in the deck as well as the extra foam down the stringer and under your chest really help to paddle and get into the wave early. Get out there and Charge.