Fourth Hartichoke 5'8

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Price €599
Length 5'8
Width 19 7/8"
Thickness 2 7/16"
Volume/Ltrs 30.5
Fin System Futures 5 Fin
Fin Box Colour Standard
Carbon as Standard Yes, vector patches
Fins 3 x F6, 2 x QD2 400
Colour Grey tail dip and carbon



“I’m not the best surfer in the water, or even close, but I do love surfing and want to surf like the pros! But I don’t, so catching as many waves as I can and trying to bust out when I get a section is what I’ve built this board for….. it goes in all surf and I am having a lot of fun on it… as are the team now they have stolen it off me!” Luke Hart



The Hartichoke is a board that deals with the priorities of intermediate surfing in less than perfect waves whilst maintaining the performance aspects for those wanting to be a better surfer. We all want to rip and shred like the pros but some of us need to paddle in quicker, go faster through flat sections and have stability under foot before we can try slamming the fins out the back or busting out a man hack. The Hartichoke allows you the ease of paddle and float in all waves so you can think about what you want to do when that perfect section is begging to be spanked. As always Luke has designed this board with his team who are really enjoying the board ridden a lot smaller as a fun board to play on when the waves aren’t great. But the initial priority was making a board that he can improve on and enjoy in equal measures.



First off, this board has plenty of volume running from nose to tail. The length can therefore be reduced dramatically to put you above the balance point and allow easier control of the whole board (something that all surfers have found helps their progressive surfing at any level), with the single running through the nose and the double through the centre and out through the fins this boards sits nice and high in the water which gives you great float and lift (and therefore speed) in all waves.

The outline is full in the nose running to a straighter rail and slightly pulled in tail with a small bumped hip, which then falls round into a wide round tail, this combination in plan shape gives you stability up front which means pumping for sections becomes a lot easier as do floaters and airs on landings.

The straight rail means you have drive off the front foot and the slight bump hip pulls in that tail just enough to give you some pivot and hold in the tail to push your turns on rail. The rockers are quite flat, bit of kick in the tail but nothing dramatic, just enough to offer the best balance between hold, speed and control which means you can really work on where your limits are in a variety of different surf.

The deck line is very full with a fairly flat deck which comes down into a very boxy shortboard rail. This keeps the volume packed in there and you sitting right on top of the water until you whack it on rail and let the rail carve through the face of the wave. such a sick feeling on this board as it is so smooth! We instantly ran the 5 fin set up on this board purely for the fun and variation in different conditions, my personal favourite was with the thruster but the team really liked the quad for crumbly waves… the choice is yours! enjoy.