Fourth Madfresh 6'0

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Price €570
Length 6'0
Width 19 3/8"
Thickness 2 7/16"
Volume/Ltrs 30
Fin System Futures 3 Fin
Fin Box Colour Standard
Carbon as Standard No
Fins 3 x F6
Colour Clear



Well the Mad Fresh is basically a board that takes the novelty out of the shorter wider boards, still shorter, still flatter and still plenty of volume along with added rail length and more curve into the pulled in tail, the Mad Fresh is an evolution of the progressive shortboard and something that is as happy in the air as it is getting flung on rail or holding in the pocket. get Mad Fresh on it, lets see what the new school has…



The Mad Fresh is basically what you need in a shorter wider board to make it better on rail with more hold in the pocket, enabling not just airs and rotations but tighter radius turns in the pocket to really push the limit of high performance surfing. basically the easier a board is to surf the easier it is to progress, and this is just a follow on from design working on boards like the Jeffrey, the Fly-Ty, the Stoker and the Blue Canvas to some extent.

It’s the evolution of having a few years on the wider boards coupled with the great feeling you get from carving lines when its pumping and doing big hacks right in the pocket on your shortboard. I’m so excited about this model as are the team, the footage we have been getting speaks for itself!

The Mad Fresh features a somewhat stretched out outline of the Fly-Ty, with softer curves and a more performance based tail shape (like the Crow model), this allows a lot of drive with the straight rail, but also plenty of pivot off the back foot due to the slight hip and pulled in tail, as for the rocker it has a curvy high-ish tail rocker for hold right in the pocket and a drawn out flatter rocker through the nose with a touch of flip, this combination allows late take-offs, hard off the bottom turning and a lot of forward momentum.

The concaves are very similar to the Blue Canvas model just with a touch deeper single concave through the nose, the idea of the concave is to give you plenty of lift in the water for speed, also with the boxy shortboard rail the Mad Fresh has you sit slightly higher in the water than a shortboard which makes it very easy to throw about in less than perfect surf. The fin set up is that of a standard shortboard to offer maximum drive and torque on carves and hacks and the volume spread is fairly compact just like the new skool wide and short boards you see everyone riding today. this combination of design meets evolution really gives you a tool to push the tweaks and the power in your surfing in a wider range of conditions.