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Have you ever wrecked a phone by dropping it in water, mud, or snow or some other unfriendly substance
Chances are you have, or at least know somebody who has. Unless you just got a kick out of the tech at your local wireless provider handling the phone you just pulled out of the toilet, you were probably wishing your device had been in a waterproof iPhone case (or whichever platform you prefer. Be it Android, Blackberry, or Windows, we don’t discriminate.)

The VestPac waterproof iPhone case is extremely durable, yet still compact enough to fit into your pocket. Our softcase design is double sealed for added protection and made of the strongest materials available. 

We manufacture our cases out of electrostatic thermoplastic polyurethane, which is just a fancy way of saying that the touchscreen can be operated right through the case and it can withstand any temperature that you can.

In addition to playing Angry Birds, you can also text, talk, and take beautiful pictures right through the case. Want to take an underwater video of your kid’s first swimming lesson
Text your buddy a picture of the fish you just caught
Call for a ride when you’re stuck out in the rain
Listen to music in the tub
You can do all of this and more while keeping your phone dry and protected. Do you need to plug in headphones as well
Check out our mp3 model here. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our Waterproof Earbuds and EarWraps.

Each case comes with an adjustable lanyard so it can be hung around your neck or attached to a belt loop. This comes in especially handy when you are hanging around deep water. When not in use, the case can be rolled up and stuffed in a pocket. It fits most smartphones up to 6.25 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. Whether or not the case floats will depend on the size and weight of your phone, but hey, that’s what the lanyard is for.

Opening and closing the case couldn’t be simpler. First, unfasten the Velcro and unroll the top of the case. Separate both the top and bottom zip seal and then insert your phone. Be sure to orient your phone so that the logo is not covering the camera and important buttons are not covered by the bottom seal. Removing as much air as possible will make it easier to operate a touch screen. Once the phone is in place, completely close the bottom seal followed by the top. A click should be heard when closing the zip seals. Finish by folding the top seal down until the Velcro is fastened.

All VestPac products, including our softcases, are covered under our 100% lifetime guarantee. We stand behind our products and our guarantee covers failure due to normal wear and tear as well as manufacturer defects. If your case ever fails, we will replace it for free.

Inside dimensions: 6.25x3.5in. 
Lanyard length: 26in (66cm)

Fits: iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy s5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and most other popular smart phones.