Choosing the right surfboard

We are one of Ireland's top surf board retailers. With over 600 boards in stock and over 23 years of experience, you'll be pleased to hear that we know what we're talking about. Our experience shows that the number one most common mistake for board owners is actually buying the incorrect board. Choosing the right board is so important. Getting it wrong can lead to frustration, bad surf sessions and inevitably a waste of your money.

With so many boards on the market, it's hard to decipher what is right for you. At Surfworld we have a great selection of beginner boards where durability, stability and buoyancy is key. Our intermediate range offers boards to help you improve your performance without compromising on stability and speed. We also have advanced and pro level boards to take your surfing to the highest level.

Our staff are highly trained with lots of experience both in and out of the water. We spend time finding out your current surf ability, your surfing needs and where you want your surfing to go in the future. This information then helps us to help you pick the most suitable surfboard for you.

Come into Surfworld Bundoran and be sure to get the correct advice first time around!

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