Bulldog Surf Double Swivel Leash 6ft

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Bulldog are renowned in the UK for great quality hard wearing durable surf hardware. Our day to day work horse leashes in the shop surfers coming in from the beach don't think twice before replacing their broken leash with a Bulldog, and getting back in the water.

Generally you want your surfboard leash to be about the same length as your board, maybe a touch longer depending on conditions and your skill level. Keep your leash rope nice and short, doubling it up if you can so the leash rail saver does it's job and saves your rail from being torn a new one by the leash rope!


  • High strength urethane cord
  • Top quality brass double swivels
  • Detachable two way rail saver
  • Key pocket on ankle strap
  • Precision moulded fittings
  • Velcro ankle strap